Peppar works with industrial design, as well as offering training in design and presentations.

Peppar offers swift and competent product development. Peppar is often able to assist with the development of ideas and to produce concrete proposals out of woolly requirements. Everyone involved in a project is given a clear picture of the proposed end result with the aid of sketches, models and CAD drawings. Development time can be reduced and decision making facilitated when the possibilities and potential problems are identified at an early stage.

A trademark is based on its products.
Good industrial design produces products that are functional, easy to handle and aesthetically pleasing while at the same time meeting the requirements of the market and of production. The design is directed in such a way that the strengths of the company are reflected in its product range.

Peppar is a one-man business that creates tailor-made solutions for clients through an active network of contacts. There is on-going cooperation with
Sign, which is a company owned by the design studio. Sign offers also design in areas close to industrial design.