Design for the designers of tomorrow

Mats from Peppar has been teaching the techniques of design for 14 years. At present he is working in the areas of creativity, production-adapted design and model-building at the University Colleges of Gävle and Skövde. It is a great privilege to be able to inspire, and participate in, the development of the next generation of designers.

Design is not just hard work - you also have to have ideas. Doing things in the correct way is usually the easiest way to do them. As, for example, when the students in their final year at Gävle had to prepare an exhibition for the Furniture Fair in Stockholm. The material requirements were wood and rubber. The theme was "sitting". They were coached by Gunnar Anderung, Birgitta Kahri and Mats from Peppar.

Peppar is keen to work together with companies interested in internal training in design and creativity. Please get in touch if interested.