Design is based on close cooperation with regular contact where the role of the designer is to interpret the client's needs and create solutions which will meet the stated requirements. An initial contact may be the production of a simple outline sketch. If the potential is there, this could lead to extensive work with anything from the notion of an idea, product design, or the production of packaging, right through to the creation of exhibition material.

The design process - a summary

• Brief - a review of requirements

A vision is created with its starting point in the requirements made and the possibilities that exist.
Next, information is gathered and specialists, users and others involved in the project are interviewed.

• Sketches and creation of ideas
Different creative methods help to create a number of ideas. The best ones are selected and presented in the form of rapid sketches, simple models and CAD drawings. These are discussed and evaluated.

•Further development and final design
Work continues and the optimum solution is gradually worked out.